About Us

About the Company

ASR Technosoft has a motto of “Learning to Grow, Growing to learn” which is an everlasting process that encourages us to learn new experience from complexities, errors and opportunities we get along the path towards perfection.

We offer an absolute web development, Internet marketing solutions and professional web design services which are secure and efficient. For several years, we have been providing valuable services to our clients to heighten their business. Our team of experts work with all kinds of the project which can better search engine rankings, attract new clients and generate high-quality leads for them.

Our Skills

Web & CMS Development


Mobile Application Development


Digital Marketing


Back Office Services



we value expertise, which is why everyone on our team has the skills and expertise required to design, develop and implement premium digital marketing services for the unique and world-class brands. We create websites that excite and encourage your customers, using our extensive experience in custom web design to convey your brand message into the most innovative and attractive websites on the market. Experience the real elegance of passionate web design with ASR Technosoft.


At ASR Technosoft we work with our clients vision to reach the set milestones.. We understand the value of our clients and work hard to provide highly accurate and value oriented services at the most reasonable and affordable service rates. Being an ITES firm we bring and implement latest technologies and tool this industry has to offer. Our knowledge gives us the ability to choose the right technology for you and through our expertise, we implement them in the most suitable direction, overall bringing you the most compact solution and a peace of mind.

Our Team

Ramveer Rajawat


Amit SIngh Tomar

Sr. Application Developer

Rahul Dixit

Head of IT Architect

Madhurendra Chouhan

Head of Finance

Salman Khan

Business Development Manager

Sukrant Bhadouria

Project Head

Avinash Sharma

Administrative Manager